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Underground News / Newsbud - 1 day ago

Deep State Primer

The establishment propaganda media has dismissed the concept of a deep state or shadow government. They attribute it to paranoid conspiracy theorists on the so-called far right who supposedly influenced Donald Trump. On this edition of The Geopolitic...

Underground News / Newsbud - 5 days ago

Russia’s Drive to Control the Arctic

In the forty-second edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Izvestia, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Kommersant and Rossiyskaya Gazeta. He discusses the Russian plans to expand t...

Underground News / Newsbud - 1 week ago

The Deep State Plan to Attack Iran

The Deep State—the merchants of death, the bankers, the national security apparatus and its think tanks—will eventually have its next war. President Donald Trump is setting the stage, despite his promise to rollback interventionism and illegal and un...