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Underground News / We Are Change - 1 week ago

Video: How To Spot Fake News

We Are Change In this video Jason Bermas talks about the problem of ‘Fake News’. He tells us what fake news is and that even large media organisations are guilty of putting out this type of propaganda. He explains how fake news is present...

Underground News / We Are Change - 1 week ago

The YouTube Purge is Here

We Are Change YouTube’s politically biased management has begun blatantly censoring, demonetizing and outright restricting those viewpoints that do not conform to their ideological echo chamber. So just a few days ago I covered a USA Today arti...

Underground News / We Are Change - 3 weeks ago

Employers Microchipping Americans

We Are Change Hey, everybody, Jason Berma’s for Today we’re going to be talking about a company called Three Square Market this company out of Wisconsin will be the first in this country to begin microchipping their emplo...