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Underground News / Metro UK - 36 minutes from now

Is this ‘Dad App’ genius or controlling?

Nick Herbert was sick of Ben ignoring his texts (Picture: SWNS) Parents, are you fed up of texting your children and never getting a reply? Yes, so is dad Nick Herbert – which is why he has created an app that physically forces his teenage son...

Underground News / Counter Punch - 33 minutes from now

Why Trump Could Be Gone Before 2020

Photo by Mark Taylor | CC BY 2.0 A story that appeared in the leading  inside-Washington political journal The Hill last week bore a headline that ought to send a chill down the spine of anyone who believes in democracy: “Half of Republicans Would Ba...

Underground News / Counter Punch - 29 minutes from now

America Asleep

Photo by Diego Torres Silvestre | CC BY 2.0 “The summer of 1919, called “The Red Summer” by James Weldon Johnson, ushered in the greatest period of interracial violence the nation had ever witnessed. During that summer there were twenty-six race riot...